If you're still using this product or are thinking about it then please don't. It was written in a much simpler time when SQL injection and session hijacking didn't exist

Pro Clan Manager has been dropped for many years, however i've finally gotten around to writing about it offically due to a nice fellow that notified me of some security issues.

I started Pro Clan Manager while I was still in highschool at the age of 16. Since that time I have moved on and so has the whole industry. When I started PHP 3 had just came out, and the concept of a CMS in PHP was a new thing which is the gap Pro Clan Manager filled.

Now PHP 5.3 is being depricated and there are a lot of good CMS products out there that could easily fill the gap that existed for PCM. PCM dropped in popularity a long time ago so this blurb is more for new users that are looking for something.

At the time PCM was a good product with over 100,000 downloads, however now there exists many security exploits due to code rot. To properly fix these would mean a complete rewrite and I have simply moved on to other things.

For me personally it has been a good learning experience on how to manage an open source project and I am glad to have been able to do something for the community even if it was only minutely useful for a short period of time.

Thanks all the people that helped submit translations.